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Enjoy Safe Gardening With Cat & Dogs

Do you love garden with pets? Dogs and cats can be an excellent garden company and it is important to keep them safe. I have had my fair share of four-legged garden helpers and I will say that some took a lot of training to safely wander around the garden, while others were able to work it themselves. When I adopted a young Labrador retriever, I had to quickly learn which garden plants were safe for her and which were not, because she ate everything. This was very worrying until I learned about some common plants that are toxic to pets.

One day I looked at my lab while she was researching the peas. She saw me pick a pea pod and eat it. Then I gave him one. She loved it! The next day I went to the garden to find them eating the whole pea patch in one sitting. I suppose she had developed a penchant for gardening.

Looking around the garden, I knew that protecting my vegetable garden was hopeless, but that protecting it from harmful plants was important. I looked for what garden plants could harm him and was surprised by the results.

Not only does the list go on, but so many of these harmful plants for pets are common in home gardens and households. While the term “harmful plants” makes us rush a comatose animal to the vet, many harmful plants will only cause indigestion or have an unpleasant taste that will help the animal learn that not everything has the same taste as fresh garden peas.

I was told a story where a dog ate a bunch of spooky peppers in a backyard bush. These peppers are not only hot, but also peril for a dog to eat. The dog had to spend a few days in the vet’s office and had to cope with a terrible burning pain. Fortunately, the dog fully recovered and when he got home, he did not even walk near the part of the yard where the peppers grew (although the plant had been removed). This puppy will certainly be better informed in his future culinary adventures.

If your pet eats plants that you are not sure about, you need to take them to the vet for examination, especially if you notice that your pet seems strange, looks lethargic or drools more than usual. There are many harmful garden plants that can cause different symptoms depending on the size of the animal and the amount ingested. Often the virus is less severe. But to be sure, it is a good idea to monitor your pets and take them to a veterinarian if there is a suspicion that they may have been virus.

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  1. My dog loves gardens, he is extra gentle with plants and loves to sniff them.

  2. I was worried my puppy would ruin my flowers when I got him but this wasn't the case. He doesn't even care about it.